Windows 10 End of Life: your alternatives

Windows 11

Time passes so quickly. A few years ago, Microsoft announced the EOL (end of life) for Windows 10 Professional and scheduled the end of support for the last version (22H2) for October 2025.

Even if a few more days will pass until then, the discontinued system should already no longer be used on new and professional systems. This is because support for long-term, secure operation can no longer be guaranteed. And engineers should also look for an alternative for a possible changeover for existing applications. After the EOL, Microsoft will no longer provide updates and security patches for the operating system.

We therefore recommend using one of the following operating systems for new industrial computers and automation systems with immediate effect.

Windows 11 Professional

As a 1:1 replacement, Windows 11 Professional offers the full feature set, coupled with new functions and a modernised look. However, the latest Windows version requires activation of the system via the Internet and the installation of the latest security patches.

Windows 10 IOT Enterprise

The operating system developed specifically for IoT solutions. Windows 10 IoT Enterprise supports both universal and traditional Windows apps. It also offers enhanced protection against emerging security issues and greater flexibility in deployment and installation. The Long Term Servicing Channel also offers long-term support until the end of 2031.

Both operating systems are already available for our current industrial computers. We will be happy to advise you on the best choice of software.

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