VBASE-RT runtime systems

The VBASE runtime systems are the most important program parts within the automation system. They run as stand-alone applications and provide the graphical user interface, accept user inputs, manage the process variables and the communication channels. There are a total of 4 variants of the VBASE runtime: Compact, Light, Pro and Server. These differ in function range, licensing and price.

VBASE Data field (VDF)

Within VBASE, all process data are exchanged via process variables of the VBASE data field. The VDF forms the bridge between all VBASE functions and the connected remotestations. Through this data structure, all process data are simultaneously available in the system. The VDF manages up to 65,536 process variables.

SQL Database Interface

VBASE comes with a flexible database interface that can be configured menu-driven. It operates across the modules and can include with the VBASE modules recipe, message system, log and logging. These modules can write, read and modify process data via the database interface. To display the captured data, the line recorder and scale fields can also be connected directly to the database. The graphical processing of complex data is thus easily possible.

Function blocks

With the VBASE function blocks it is possible to use complex and frequently used functions and calculations in automation projects in a simple way. For this purpose, a library with a wide range of pre-programmed functions is available. The modules are based on a standardized structure and encapsulate recurrent logic or functions as a "blackbox". The user only has to select the relevant blocks from the library and set the input or output variables. Functional modules can be developed quickly, flexibly and independently of the basic system. Therefore, the function block library is in permanent development and is growing steadily.

Line writer

The line writer field is used to visualize and analyze current and historical values. For this, VBASE visualizes logged data or data from databases that can be addressed using the database interface. The optics of the line recorder can be adapted very easily, so that a wide variety of display forms are possible.

VBASE Web-Remote

VBASE includes a modern web interface that provides a universal HMI interface based on HTML5. The VBASE Web-Remote enables the visualization and control of the automation project with smartphones, tablet PCs and all devices with a compatible browser. The web remote generates the necessary HTML pages automatically and can be activated on a project basis.

More functions

  • Recipe management in up to 16 levels
  • Logging of process data
  • User administration and user log
  • Display of ratio values as ring, cake or bar graph
  • Voice control by the plant operator
  • Multilingual projects and language toggling at runtime
  • UNICODE support for various character sets (Cyrillic, Chinese, etc.)
  • Message system for text and image messages
  • Messages dispatch by email and SMS
  • VBASE PV-Monitor for simplified commissioning of complex systems
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