Here you will always find the latest VBASE version. The download includes our free configuration tool VBASE Editor and the VBASE-RT Laufzeitsysteme. The demo runtime system is fully functional and can also communicate online with your remote systems for testing purposes.

  • Latest version VBASE 11.7.5
  • New installation and update of existing installations.
  • Includes free Demo runtime.


VBASE Documentation & Examples


Helpful information on various topics in the handling of our visualization system.

Example projects

These projects illustrate the handling of various functions within VBASE HMI / SCADA.

VTP & VGATE Manuals

Technical manuals for VBASE-based, operator control panels and automation servers. Installation, configuration and software tools.

Offline Update

Keep VBASE systems that are not connected to the Internet up-to-date.

Legacy versions

Older VBASE / VisAM versions for installation on older computers and operating systems.


With the remote software TeamViewer, we can connect directly to your PC for quick support. Off course we always ask for permission.

Catalogs & Brochures

Automation platform

Brochure: VBASE Automation Platform

PDF Download

Smart Production with VBASE

Brochure: Smart Production with VBASE

PDF Download

Predictive Main­tenance with VBASE

Brochure: Predictive Maintenance with VBASE

PDF Download

Building Management Systeme with VBASE

Brochure: Building Management Systeme with VBASE

PDF Download

Energy management with VBASE

Brochure: Energy management with VBASE

PDF Download


Brochure: VBASE + LoRaWAN

PDF Download

VISAM Product portfolio (Building)

Brochure: VISAM Product Portfolio Building Technology

PDF Download

VISAM Touch Panel
HMI & Operator units


PDF Download

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