Here you will always find the latest VBASE version. The download includes our free configuration tool VBASE Editor and the VBASE-RT Laufzeitsysteme. The demo runtime system is fully functional and can also communicate online with your remote systems for testing purposes.

  • Latest version VBASE HMI / SCADA 11.4
  • New installation and update of existing installations.
  • Includes free Demo runtime.


VBASE Documentation & Examples


Helpful information on various topics in the handling of our visualization system.

Example projects

These projects illustrate the handling of various functions within VBASE HMI / SCADA.

VTP & VGATE Manuals

Technical manuals for VBASE-based, operator control panels and automation servers. Installation, configuration and software tools.

Offline Update

Keep VBASE systems that are not connected to the Internet up-to-date.

Legacy versions

Older VBASE / VisAM versions for installation on older computers and operating systems.

Catalogs & Brochures



PDF Download

Smart Production with VBASE

Brochure: Smart Production with VBASE

PDF Download

Predictive Main­tenance with VBASE

Brochure: Predictive Maintenance with VBASE

PDF Download

Building Management Systeme with VBASE

Brochure: Building Management Systeme with VBASE

PDF Download

Energy management with VBASE

Brochure: Energy management with VBASE

PDF Download

VISAM Product portfolio (Industry)

Brochure: VISAM Product Portfolio Industrial

PDF Download

VISAM Product portfolio (Building)

Brochure: VISAM Product Portfolio Building Technology

PDF Download

New Products

Brochure: Product News HMI & IPC

PDF Download