Product change for 7" operator interfaces + Outlook on the next VBASE generation


VISAM is famous for long product cycles and compatibility of our automation platform VBASE over many years. However, we also have to update products and take technological steps from time to time, even if these sometimes seem uncomfortable. However, the advantages and new possibilities of these innovations always outweigh the supposed disadvantages of such a decision.

7" operating units take their farewell lap

VTP-BC72In the near future, this will affect our popular 7" operator interfaces VTP-BC72 and VTP-UC72 (open-frame). Due to the discontinuation of components from upstream suppliers, both devices will reach their EOL in the first half of 2021. In addition, further development and support for the Windows Embedded Compact 7 (WEC7) operating system used here was discontinued by Microsoft some time ago. Although the distribution and licensing of the operating system is still possible, it leads to a dead end in the medium term with regard to security and functionality and also impairs the further development of our VBASE automation platform due to the consideration of compatibility.

At the beginning of May, we will place a final order for the affected VTPs. If you have a specific need for these units, please place your binding order by 30.04.2021. After that, the stock sale for VTP-BC72 and UC72 will begin. It is no longer possible to place a repeat order due to the lack of component availability.

VTP-BX74As an alternative, we will be introducing a new control unit with a 7" widescreen display in the next few weeks: VTP-BX74. In contrast to the discontinued models, a stronger X86-compatible processor and Windows 10 IOT are used here. Despite the increase in performance and functionality, the installation dimensions of the new device have been reduced once again. A VBASE Runtime based on the compact version is already in preparation. Further information will be published shortly.

Other operating devices, including those equipped with WEC7, are currently not affected by a discontinuation.

A brief outlook on the next VBASE generation

Our VBASE automation platform is also due for a generation change in the near future. In order to be able to continue to offer a high level of security and performance as well as new functions, a change in the software frameworks used is necessary. At the same time, we are setting the course for the future for VBASE and also optimising the basic VBASE system structure.

The next VBASE generation was developed as a 64Bit application and equipped with new methods for data encryption as well as for visual presentation, among other things. In addition, the VBASE runtime systems (RT) are reorganised. VBASE Compact RT (previously for CE and WEC7 operating systems) will be dropped for the reasons mentioned above and replaced by a new, adequate runtime.

As usual, the projects realised with VBASE will of course remain upwardly compatible and can also be operated with the next generation and, of course, developed further if required.
A few days ago, we published another update of the current VBASE version 11.x. This concludes the further development on the basis of the current generation. From now on, our complete concentration will be on the further development of our new software generation. The current VBASE versions will continue to be offered for a transitional period and will, of course, also receive the familiar support.

Our new software generation VBASE X64 has already been in the first test phase for a few months and is expected to be released in the course of 2021. On this basis, we are already planning many innovations and new functions for the next few years, which will open up completely new possibilities. So you can be curious!

Do you have any questions on the topic? We would be happy to advise you personally on all aspects of automation and digitalisation with VBASE. Please just contact us!

We wish you continued success and pleasure in automating with VBASE.