VBASE 11.7 is ready for download

VBASE Automatisierungsplattform Update 11.7

A new version of our automation platform VBASE is now available for download.

VBASE 11.7 is a service release and contains many smaller extensions to the functionality as well as further improvements in the performance and security for the operation of automation applications. 

The new version is available as an installation file and as an offline update in our download area. Existing installations can be easily updated with the VBASE Update Manager.The update is free of charge for all existing VBASE customers.


Changelog Version 11.7.1

Innovations and improvements:

  • Import of BACnet variables and BACnet Browser reworked
  • BACnet Client extended by data types "weekly schedule" and datelist of calendar. It is also possible to create a channel specific .INI configuration file for each BACnet channel
  • New VKM added:
    - Allen-Bradley Logix 5000 Ethernet/IP
  • Field type "system functions" receives two additional functions (update VDF and update FB. Both are analogous to the VBasic script Functions VDF.Reload and VOK.FB_UpdateParameter)
  • Field type "ProFormat" extended by parameter "DBAUTO_Increment_PRIMARY. This parameter creates an automatically incrementing DB-column as PRIMARY KEY in a database connection when logging
  • VISAMVOK.INI file extended:
    • [DEBUG]: DB_LOG and DB_LOG_Error (data base events and error can also be logged in a file)
    • [LDAP] : HideAdmin (the VBASE default user "System Manager" can be hidden in the user selection list
    • [Benutzerverwaltung]: HideAdmin (the VBASE default user "System Manager" can be hidden in the user selection list)
  • Two new control words bits added for the system events (Bit 6 = channel processing after project start, Bit 7 = recipe loaded)
  • WHERE clause and ORDER BY of the database connection do now also apply to the linewriter
  • Additional entry "FONTSIZE" in the AlarmsConfig.ini file of the notification system to change the font size of the text
  • Values of a DB-connection imported via the DB-import dialogue into the VDF can be stored as ARRAY OF INTEGER type, these will however always be interpreted as strings.
  • New function "Additionally GlobalNames" for the info texts in the project properties was added which will also display the globalname of the associated PV in the info text
  • Field font is now adjustable via right click context menu
  • Script commands are now alphabetically ordered in the index
  • Additional improvements and bug fixes

New VBasic functions added:

  • VOK.DB_GetDatabase: returns the name of the database of the specified database connection
  • VOK.DB_GetDBConnections: returns the name of all database connection of the database interface
  • VOK.DB_GetFieldTypes: returns the column types of the specified database connection
  • VOK.DB_GetTable: returns the name of the table of a specified database connection
  • VOK.DB_GetSelectString: returns the select string of a specified database connection
  • VOK.FB_UpdateParameter: allows changes to FB parameters made in the editor to be updated in the runtime
  • VDF.ReadBitName: returns the bit name of a specified PV-variable
  • VDF.WriteBitName: writes a specified string as bit name of a specified PV-variable
  • VDF.ReLoad: updates parts or the complete VDF, such that changes made in the editor are updated in the runtime. Even updates channel assignment and similiar parameters as well as needed driver restarts, that would normally require a project restart
  • VOK.PulseTimer : sets a bit for a specified amount of time
  • VOK.GetServerJobCounter : contains the amount of jobs that were sent to a VBASE server
  • VOK.GetServerConnections : contains the amount of currently active connections to a VBASE server
  • VBASIC debug function "LineNrOn" for a better debugging functionality added

VBasic functions improved/extended:

  • VOK.DB_GetValue  : if DBNull occurres an empty string respectively a "0" for numerical values is returned instead of an error
  • VOK.WriteFAttr : attribut numbers 64, 104 and 107 added (change array index, change password authorization and change size of table field scroll bar)
  • VOK.LW_ExportFile can now additionally export the current diagram with its values into a file
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